Before a formal start, a few words:

I love playing games regardless of genre and platform.

I am happy when I am productive (creation or learning).

I love to try reverse engineering for production while playing games.

I’m more of an off-road enthusiast than a drag racer, drawn to the thrill of exploration and discovering new things.

Now, good to go.



My journey into game art began as a self-taught enthusiast and has evolved over 10+ years of 3D art modeling experience coming from my Interior architect background. Combining my skills on Autocad, 3DS max, I expanded my skill set by self-learning Maya for games. Then, I advanced my 3D game art knowledge through an MSc in Computer Animation and Game Technologies in Turkey, as well as an MA in Video Game Development in Birmingham, UK.

My skill set covers level art, 3D environment art, structural design, prop creation, hard surface modeling, modular workflows, and PBR texturing. I’m enthusiastic about crafting game environments, whether it’s creating compelling interior spaces with a narrative and functioning well for game design or outdoor settings with life, vegetation and organic shapes.

I have a curious nature, leading me to explore various areas such as procedural shading, procedural modeling, animation, rigging, basic scripting in Maya for animation, particle systems, Niagara system, VFX in Unreal, basic Blueprint in Unreal, and mechanical modeling that can be seen in my portfolio.

Transferable skills from my previous work experiences:

  • Interior architecture background with expertise computer-aided drawing.
  • Experience in design and 3D production and rendering.
  • Conceptualization, blueprint creation and visualization.
  • Strong observational and communication skills developed through on-site production involvement.
  • Detailed understanding of natural lighting, photography, cinematic storytelling and TV set design.
  • Adaptable to briefs and always willing to learn
  • Good at handling feedback and and actively listening to input
  • Accomplished in 2D graphics design for diverse purposes.
  • Managed product campaigns, online and after-sales, showcasing a user-friendly approach.
  • Worked closely with production teams, management, customers, and suppliers.


More to tell about my journey:

Taking MSc path wasn’t just about leveling up my skills but also about understanding the whole game development cycle.

  • I got hands-on with game design, prototyping, 3D modeling, animation, visual effects, clay modeling, and a bit of Python.
  • working on a first-person thriller horror PC game with a small team in Unity Engine.
  • I wore many hats – environment artist, prop designer, and level artist.
  • I also prepared a GDD as personal project.
  • In a team I proposed game design and prototyped it.

It was a great learning curve, collaborative work in games, how decision making is managed in a small creative team and managing time for multiple tasks with a limited man power.

Continued 3D work while managing product design and projects of varying scales in another design industry.


After having my daughter I worked with a programmer for a board game for mobile platform.

I was responsible for art and had responsibilities in HUD, UI and UX design in addition to game mechanics design. I also worked on documentation of the game.

After relocating to Birmingham with my family, I saw this as an opportunity to follow up the global game development approach, networking and gain hands-on industrial experience in the UK. The MA program I joined was unique—a studio experience that skipped traditional classes. Instead, it focused on developing games from scratch, similar to a startup studio environment.

  • I actively contributed to the development of two PC games within a team, navigating through briefs with project management tools and source controls.
  • My role extended to working on environment and prop art, acting as a liaison for art-related matters. Taking a proactive stance, I proposed changes to the art related workflow ensuring we met the MVP deadline successfully.
  • I valued feedback and transparent communication within the team.

After group projects, I developed my last project which is a puzzle adventure game level with interchangeable first and third-person perspectives. This project served as a showcase for my skills in modular and procedural modeling and texturing.

  • Additionally, it helped me to explore new software within a limited timeframe, pushing me to learn new techniques and tools over a challenging two-month period. I successfully met this challenge.


Waaaay before my career change:

After graduating from Bilkent University, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, I had worked in the construction industry for a while and I started my master’s degree in stage lighting at Bilkent University. In the meantime, I continued working on various interior design projects.

I worked in Çerçioglu Sistem Perde company in charge of brand, design, production, quality and export areas. At the same time, I created, developed and made the e-commerce site “” go live.

While working at the same time, I completed my master’s degree in Computer Animation and Game Technologies.

By blending my interior architecture knowledge and experience with my training on unity 3d, artificial/natural lighting design, color theory, TV set design, photography, cinema and space, visual effects, prototyping, I am specialized in designing, modeling, texturing, lighting, hard surfaces, props and environment in addition to basic character modeling, visual effects and animation practices.


More Personal Stuff

♥ Doctor Who | Harry Potter | Star Trek | Downton Abbey
♥ Hogwarts Legacy | God of War | Portal 2 | Need For Speed Undercover | Assassin’s Creed Black Flag| Tomb Raider | GTA 2 | Black & White 2 | Sims | Lemmings | Lion King
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